Rapid HDR Blending

This all-in-one service combines High Dynamic Range (HDR), ($0.50 /image)with the most popular Real-Estate Retouching add-ons.

HDR Blending: High Dynamic Range (HDR) blending combines multiple exposures of the same image to create a final photo that showcases a wider range of tones and details, resulting in a more vibrant and appealing image.

Within this service Fotofafa also performs:

Color Correction:Correcting white balance, enhancing color saturation, and overall improving the image's visual appeal.

Image Sharpening:Enhances the sharpness and clarity of the image.

Perspective Correction:Cropping, straightening, distortion or skewing caused by wide-angle lenses, ensuring straight lines and accurate perspectives.

Also offered are some of the most popular Real-Estate Retouching add-ons.

Before After

Before After

Real-Estate Retouching

Whether your requirement fits into one of our standard groupings of Adding, Removing, Replacing, Enhancing or if you are looking for something unique, we have a comprehensive list of services and if you don’t see what you want we offer custom retouching.

Floor Plans

Coming soon.

Before After

Before After

Virtual Staging

Coming soon.

Personalized Workflow

Do you do things slightly differently or are looking for a company to manage all your post production workflow steps? Then setting up a personalized workflow is exactly what you need. Heres how you start:

1. Create a step by step editing guide along with any presets, actions
etc that you need us to do
2. Document your estimated volumes for each month
3. Send 5 images as layered PSD files with each layer named for the instructions being applied in the order they are applied.
4. Collect 5 before images for us to process
5. Email the above information with links to the images and presets/actions
6. We will review the workflow and return the 5 before images fully
retouched as per your workflow
7. Once the samples are approved, we will send you a price per image
8. If the price is approved, then we will setup a your personalized workflow code so you can place your orders in our ordering