Real Intelligence (RI)


In an every more competitive economy we see two mindsets:

1) Those that don’t evolve, they continue to do and offer the same things hoping to get the maximum out of what they have already do

2) Those that evolve, they embrace the change and generate new collaborative solutions creating new win models and paradigms.

Rebooku has chosen to embrace the collaborative society by using and practicing RI . This means we practice the art of using Tools, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Creative People to deliver enhanced quality, faster turnaround times and huge costs savings.

What makes us unique is the source for our expertise that we start by demystifying the creative processes. Each service and personalized workflow is deconstructed into its logical and artistic steps. We then apply Real Intelligence to execute these complex workflows: Mapping logical, repetitive tasks to automated steps, tools and AI – delivering faster turnaround times; While mapping artistic steps to creative people and offering extra time and greater attention to detail – delivering high quality and consistence… Real Intelligence. The total result is a more consistent, repetitive and custom process tailored to our unique customers.

Having the perfect blend of Products, Process and integrating them with the best People (3P’s) means hiring the best and most experienced editors, paying them a great salary with meaningful benefits for them and their families. This is what takes automated tools that deliver “consumer grade” quality to the next level of delivering “professional grade” – quality control, consistence and customer service.